My latest Amazon finds

Hi! It’s been a while since I have shown my face over here! Thanks for sticking with me through all the chaos of stay at home mom life! Having two little ones makes it increasingly difficult to get out sometimes and Amazon is pretty much our go to for the necessities and fun stuff! I thought I’d share some of our latest finds and let you know how we are liking them so far!

Kona Coffee– We stumbled on this K-cup coffee pod after wanting some Kona blend coffee, missing Hawaii. We now buy the 100 count box and have added it to our subscriptions. We are loving it! It’s smooth and affordable at just around $22 for the subscription. It is an Amazon owned brand, Happy Belly.

Wooden Dish drying rack– I got this drying rack after I got sick of piling dishes up on the counter and then nothing was dry. I had the Boon drying lawn for bottles and things for awhile and finally was able to get rid of that. I am loving this bamboo drying rack so far. I have piled heavy pots on it and then it still has room for everyday dishes. Highly recommend!

Sewing clips– The name brand bigger sewing clips are super expensive, so I continued to pin everything for awhile. These little sewing clips are perfect for making tea towels or other things you need to clip the edges. They have held up well and even come in a cute little tin can. They are easier to clip and unclip then being stuck with pins all day too!

Make Something Good Today book– This book is written by Erin and Ben Napier from the hit HGTV show, Hometown. Not only do I love their show, but their hearts are evident in this book. They tell their story of how they met and chase their dreams. I haven’t finished the book yet, but am so excited every time I read it. They are the most modest, down to earth people. Can I please meet you someday??

Wet brush– I finally got Savannah her own hairbrush 🙂 Her hair rarely needed brushing, but now that we have this, she doesn’t mind and it leaves her hair so soft. As the name implies, you can use the brush with wet or dry hair. As with any hairbrush, you brush bottom to top and it works great! Would buy again or for niece gifts!

Amazon photos– Did you know that with Amazon Prime, you get access to free shipping on photos and unlimited free photo storage? I have been ordering prints from Amazon Photos for several years now and it is my go to! The quality is excellent and so is customer service.

Hunter boots– Ive worn these about three or four times now and the more I wear them, the more comfortable they get! When sizing, they run a little big, but consider if you will wear socks with them. I like to wear thicker socks with them for warmth and for more cushion against the back where it may rub. I love the red color for winter. It gives that extra pop of color! Perfect for Christmas or Valentine’s Day too.

That’s it for now! Considering, I am always ordering from there I will have more to share! Let me know if you have questions about anything!

Thanks for reading,

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