Savannah’s new room + sneak peek at Owen’s room

Once we found out we were pregnant with sweet baby number two, we starting rethinking the bedrooms in our home. Savannah’s nursery was directly across from the master and that was enough of a struggle to walk across the hall for the night time feedings, so I knew that room would be perfect for baby Owen. Sorry Savannah, you get the smaller room. But you have a bathroom next door. Win??

We moved her crib and furniture down the hall and she didn’t blink an eye moving or sleeping at night. She is at the age where its fun wherever Mommy and Daddy are. She runs circles around her new room, and as you can see from these photos, loves to get in the pictures.

We originally painted her nursery an off white when we first moved in and with tall ceilings, it was not an easy undertaking to repaint. And the color, Swiss Coffee by SW, I have throughout my home. It is one of my favorite neutral colors. So I added color and texture throughout the room without changing the wall color. Once we decided to move her room, I knew this was the perfect opportunity for that pink! It’s a very light, blush pink that is soft and perfect for my little baby. So here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: the reveal! (And I had to rearrange and clean countless times, so don’t let that fool you with a toddler, haha) And links to items can be found at the bottom.

Designing any room takes time. My secret is finding a piece or two and designing the room around that. I started with the paint color and then added complimentary colors like shades of green. My favorite thing in the room is this painting of the Keeneland race course. Being born a derby baby, it goes perfect in her room. I found a local artist here and I pretty much want all of her artwork for my house. DSC09859DSC09853
Pterodactyls are a girl’s best friend. Or so Savannah tells me. This cute poster was only $5 at a local vintage store here in Lexington, Ky. I am tempted to go back and find a different one for Owen’s room.DSC09851
I made this custom sign before Savannah was born (back when I had free time, ha). I love how it turned out and I hope she loves it as she grows up. It can definitely grow with her as her room continues to change.DSC09857DSC09852DSC09844DSC09841DSC09829
How cute are these little hexagon wood shelves? They are perfect for showcasing little treasures that should not be in reach of a toddler anyway! And how suiting that they look like a bee hive, one of her favorite things!DSC09830DSC09831DSC09833
Do you have a Nancy Tillman collection of books? These are my favorite books and Savannah loves reading them too. The illustrations are perfect just like the stories. DSC09816
We have several empty frames just waiting for the perfect picture. Her daddy picked out this gray Me & My Brother frame. I can’t wait to see how much Savannah will love her little brother.DSC09835I keep a bunch of treasures in this cute box. Her birthday cards, Christmas cards, ultrasound pictures and other random things. I even looked back at her tiny hospital bracelet and almost shed a tear.DSC09825
I found this two tier little rack and thought it would be perfect for bows. Even though who has time for that these days. She usually has her jammies on most days now since it’s so cold!
We bought this hamper before Savannah was born and we still love it. The 3 Sprouts storage containers are my favorite because they are adorable, child friendly, and don’t show too much wear and tear.DSC09810And her room wouldn’t be complete without her one year dress and pictures of Mommy and Daddy. That little frame is her ultrasound picture. A way for us to freeze time. Who knew we would love you THIS much and you continue to amaze us every day?!

Baby Owen, we have not forgot about you either buddy. This pregnant mama can only move so fast. I can’t believe we are about 8 weeks away from meeting you. Here’s a sneak peek from his room. We don’t really have a so-called theme. And this is the best way for me when it comes to designing. I usually start with a few pieces I love and the rest of the room comes together. Since we have so many neutral colors right now I am hoping to bring in some brighter or bolder colors with an area rug. Maybe navy blue or turquoise.
Gotta have a touch of Army in there somewhere!DSC09870
I am thinking of making a wall of shelves for books. I have a feeling Savannah will be reading him all the stories!DSC09869
THIS ROCKER!! It is my favorite piece of furniture in the house! We kept it in the baby’s room for those late night feedings. I will probably never part with it.DSC09874
She went over to the Rock n Play and said “Rock rock.” She is already ready for sweet Owen.dsc09881.jpg
Owen’s room wouldn’t be complete without these UK booties and hat of course. And his daddy wants ALL the UK jerseys for little man too. We are ready for you (although your room may not be). It’s all a process. But a super fun one!

Sherwin Williams Paint color Savannah’s room- Intimate White
Glidden Paint color Owen’s room- Swiss Coffee
Horse print- Kayla Weber Art
Lamp- Ikea
Dinosaur poster- Street Scene Vintage
Changing pad cover- Burt’s Bees Baby
Dresser- Ikea
Rolling cart- Target
Swinging bunny mobile- Etsy
Hexagon wall shelves- Target
White two tier wire storage for bows- Hobby Lobby
3 Sprouts polar bear hamper- Target
Cream ruffle curtains- Target
Nancy Tillman books- Amazon
Green baby dress- Target
White Graco crib- Wayfair
Army green hamper- Amazon
Gray Buffalo plaid crib sheet- Burts Bees baby
White rocker- Babies R Us
Puppy Rock n Play- Target

What are your favorite things to do when designing a kid’s room or nursery? Leave me a comment below.

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My love for buffalo plaid (and all plaid!)

Happy New Year! Hope this new year has been a fresh start for you. Thank you to each and every one of you for reading my blog and inspiring me throughout the year. I’m hoping to blog more so I guess that can be my resolution for 2018. I realized this holiday season that I was drawn to buffalo plaid (and all things plaid for that matter) and wanted to share a few of my favorites. Although the holidays are over, this is still a trend that can be carried throughout your home year round! DSC09463
I just finished up sewing this window seat cover. Hobby Lobby has this beautiful plaid in multiple colors and you can use the weekly 40% off coupon on a single cut of fabric. I ended up recovering this cushion seat for under $20 using 3 yards.  Not a sewing fan? Try this tutorial on a no-sew option I made before I began sewing. I decided I needed to be able to sew one and remove it for easy washing. With a large dog and messy toddler, this is the best option for our home.

burts bees sheet
With a baby boy on the way, I want to keep things simple and classic for his nursery. Burt’s bees had a big Christmas sale and I bought these sheets along with several other things, because who doesn’t love Burt’s bees??

plaid blanket
THIS BLANKET!!! Can you look and see how soft this is? Well, I will basically keep buying this blanket over and over again. I got it last year (2016) around Christmas and ended up buying several more since they are so cozy. And I bought several for gifts. Did you know if you download the Macy’s app you get an additional 20% off your first purchase? These ended up being less than $20 each. A pregnant girl’s best friend right here! plaid robeI have this Martha Stewart robe in black and white and it is so cozy, even a year later! It’s warm enough but not too thick. This robe is my go-to for being a stay at home mom on those lazy, coffee drinking mornings.DSC09647Here is my little baby model in her cotton plaid t-shirt dress from Old Navy. It’s soft and will last throughout the winter, not just the holidays. You can dress it up or down too! She paired it with these cute Target Cat and Jack brand  leggings.
This last one is a stretch for plaid, ha, but thought I would share anyway! I came across Kayla Weber Art, a local shop here in Lexington, Ky. She paints beautiful works of art and made these ornaments around Christmas. I ordered one for a friend of mine who left Lexington for her husband’s new Naval base in Italy. I wanted her to have a little piece of Ky to take with her. I encourage you to check out her shop!  You will see one of these beautiful paintings on Savannah’s new room reveal! Gotta have a derby themed painting for my derby baby living in Lexington, Kentucky.

Links to all these goods:

Hobby Lobby Sawyer Buffalo plaid duck cloth fabric

Burt’s bees plaid crib sheet

Charter Club Cozy Plush Throw

Martha Stewart Robe

Old Navy toddler plaid dress

Kayla Weber Art

Thanks for stopping by and checking out all the fabulous plaid! I hope you and your family have a happy, healthy New Year filled with all of your favorite things! -Kim