It’s a boy! Owen’s sweet nursery

With a few weeks to spare, the nursery is complete! For some reason, it was a lot more difficult to design a boy’s nursery than with Savannah’s room. Something about little girls and all the girly stuff is so fun! You can see Savannah’s nursery (once in this room) and her now big girl room! Not to say this wasn’t fun, it was just different. I can’t wait to experience what everyone keeps telling me about little boys. Owen’s nursery took a lot of inspiration from his daddy. It’s filled with UK Blue, Blue and Army stuff! I also threw in a little scripture that has kept me looking forward throughout this journey. And Savannah made sure he had a book wall so he could keep up with her love for reading! And I’m sure they will share a lot of it. It will be fun for her when I am nursing, changing, or playing with him in the nursery.DSC09957DSC09934DSC09931DSC09932DSC09940DSC09935DSC09954
How fun is this wool ball garland? If you know me, I had to throw in some handmade items! And this big print of Blue framed above the crib. Can you believe this print and frame came in under $25 total? A little DIY magic.DSC09948DSC09920DSC09943DSC09952DSC09929
As you can see, we still need to decide on a picture for that frame. The random little girl eating ice cream is cute and all, but maybe a sweet family picture would be better. And I have a thing for using what you already have to decorate, like hanging special clothes on the wall. I did the same with Savannah’s first year dress. DSC09925DSC09939
This little burlap hoop was a gift from a dear friend, made locally by Tina at Go Big or Go Home. It’s hand painted and so much love was put into this. What a sweet welcome to his room.

Now to get my bag packed for the hospital. I’m a little behind, but at least my laundry is done! He could be here tomorrow or in a few weeks! AHH… the anticipation of it all!

And then there is this girl. She is going to be the best big sister. I can’t wait to see their love for each other when Owen gets here. Little Owen is going to be a charmer, brave, and strong just like his daddy. We already know he is pretty wild and he hasn’t even arrived. God really did have a plan for our family and I am witnessing it first hand. It’s not easy, but it is so worth it! DSC00005DSC00041DSC00061DSC00050Thanks for stopping by and peeking into Owen’s room. We will keep you posted once he gets here!


My love for buffalo plaid (and all plaid!)

Happy New Year! Hope this new year has been a fresh start for you. Thank you to each and every one of you for reading my blog and inspiring me throughout the year. I’m hoping to blog more so I guess that can be my resolution for 2018. I realized this holiday season that I was drawn to buffalo plaid (and all things plaid for that matter) and wanted to share a few of my favorites. Although the holidays are over, this is still a trend that can be carried throughout your home year round! DSC09463
I just finished up sewing this window seat cover. Hobby Lobby has this beautiful plaid in multiple colors and you can use the weekly 40% off coupon on a single cut of fabric. I ended up recovering this cushion seat for under $20 using 3 yards.  Not a sewing fan? Try this tutorial on a no-sew option I made before I began sewing. I decided I needed to be able to sew one and remove it for easy washing. With a large dog and messy toddler, this is the best option for our home.

burts bees sheet
With a baby boy on the way, I want to keep things simple and classic for his nursery. Burt’s bees had a big Christmas sale and I bought these sheets along with several other things, because who doesn’t love Burt’s bees??

plaid blanket
THIS BLANKET!!! Can you look and see how soft this is? Well, I will basically keep buying this blanket over and over again. I got it last year (2016) around Christmas and ended up buying several more since they are so cozy. And I bought several for gifts. Did you know if you download the Macy’s app you get an additional 20% off your first purchase? These ended up being less than $20 each. A pregnant girl’s best friend right here! plaid robeI have this Martha Stewart robe in black and white and it is so cozy, even a year later! It’s warm enough but not too thick. This robe is my go-to for being a stay at home mom on those lazy, coffee drinking mornings.DSC09647Here is my little baby model in her cotton plaid t-shirt dress from Old Navy. It’s soft and will last throughout the winter, not just the holidays. You can dress it up or down too! She paired it with these cute Target Cat and Jack brand  leggings.
This last one is a stretch for plaid, ha, but thought I would share anyway! I came across Kayla Weber Art, a local shop here in Lexington, Ky. She paints beautiful works of art and made these ornaments around Christmas. I ordered one for a friend of mine who left Lexington for her husband’s new Naval base in Italy. I wanted her to have a little piece of Ky to take with her. I encourage you to check out her shop!  You will see one of these beautiful paintings on Savannah’s new room reveal! Gotta have a derby themed painting for my derby baby living in Lexington, Kentucky.

Links to all these goods:

Hobby Lobby Sawyer Buffalo plaid duck cloth fabric

Burt’s bees plaid crib sheet

Charter Club Cozy Plush Throw

Martha Stewart Robe

Old Navy toddler plaid dress

Kayla Weber Art

Thanks for stopping by and checking out all the fabulous plaid! I hope you and your family have a happy, healthy New Year filled with all of your favorite things! -Kim

A letter to my husband on our 5 year anniversary

36530_10100846168957635_847935253_n(Above photo by Dolce Vita Photography)

Dear Dan,

It seems like just yesterday we were saying our I do’s and heading out for our honeymoon. We have come a long way with multiple moves, a new city, deployment, a beautiful baby girl and sweet baby boy on the way. It hasn’t always been easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.547619_10100846163129315_40045342_n59674_10100775689803425_581663631_nThe day to day makes it often hard to keep everything in perspective. Being pregnant and chasing a toddler is not the dream job, but somehow it suits me. And I couldn’t do it without you.

This letter is for you, about you. I see you.

I see you getting up every morning and changing our baby girl and laying her next to you so I can get some sleep.

I see you going to work everyday and staying late often so we can have ALL the stuff. And it is ALL the stuff. We have everything we need and more! We are very spoiled all because of you.

I see you not only going to work everyday, but working two jobs. I see you as a strong leader in the Army and how people look up to and admire you. So do I.

I see you going to all the places with us on your weekends off. To the mall, to breakfast, to baby stores, to the zoo, to the horse park, to family stuff. And you do it all without complaining. You do it with love and you make it look easy._MG_6754(Above photo by Amanda Hacker Photography)IMG_5463I see you driving me to the hospital on your Sunday off when we have a small scare so I am not alone. (although I thought I would be fine) I see you chasing our daughter so I can relax and get better.

I see you playing with Savannah. And the love you have for her. I see her face light up when she sees you._MG_6612(Above photo by Amanda Hacker Photography)
I see you confused when I cry for no reason. The support you have for me when I’m an emotional wreck means the world. Through pregnancy and I’m sure beyond. Your patience and understanding with me don’t go unnoticed.

I see you encouraging me. I want to be a better person because of you. I look up to you in so many ways. You are our ROCK. I will never be lonely with you by my side. We are a team and can do anything! (you are going to need this encouragement come March, ha)

I see you. All day every day. Even when I am asleep beside you. I notice. I notice you rocking Savannah. All so I can have a few more minutes. I notice all the things and am so appreciative for you and our marriage. As someone once told me during the newborn phase: This too shall pass. And it’s so true. This is tough. It is so tough. But so worth it. Every sleepless minute and day. Each day I get to call you mine and for forever. I love you and am so thankful for you and your sweet love for us.

To SO many more,


October 19, 2017


What 3 years of marriage has taught me

Today marks 3 years since I said “I do.”  Although it has flown by, it has been highly emotional at times with many ups and downs. Dan’s first deployment was right before our marriage began, and he will be returning home in about a month. So we have been though 2 total. This has taken many sacrifices on both of us and our families. We take a unique perspective on marriage, as about half of our relationship has been apart. We are constantly reintegrating as Dan comes home. And for me, there is always a fear that he will leave again.

I wanted to sum up several things I have learned from 3 years of marriage. This is not to say I know it all (because I don’t!), but things that I have been blessed to learn through this journey.


Serve your spouse– Even when we are exhausted, this is still very important. The more you serve each other, the more the other wants to serve back. It is funny how this works, but I never take the stance of ‘that’s your job!’ We are a team in this marriage. Going through deployments also helps this in a weird way. I think each of us learns the other’s role while we are separated.

Encourage each other– The last thing your spouse wants from you is for you to bring them down. Our role is to lift each other up in good times and bad. There is enough negativity already in this world, they do not want to come home to it from you! I had to learn this the hard way when I didn’t realize I was bringing work home with me- well, the negativity of it! So now I try to do my best to stay positive and get back to the person I was when we first met!


Compliment each other– I try to do this every day, whether it is by encouraging Dan to send me his workout pictures, or whether it is telling him I am proud of his accomplishments. I want him to know that he is respected, admired, and loved. I hope there will never be a doubt in his mind.

Try new things together– Whether this is riding bikes together, exploring new cities, or remodeling the house, this can be fun! Keep life exciting, because you never know when it will be coming to an end. I love trying new things with my best friend and husband.



I am sure there are a bunch more things, but that sums up some of the most important. What things has marriage taught you? I love being married, and so happy to call Dan my husband.

Thanks for reading,


Countdown to Homecoming


The title of this blog post makes me warm and fuzzy inside. I can’t believe we are counting down until homecoming. This year has been trying on both of us, we made many sacrifices, and have learned more about each other. For Dan’s last deployment, friends and family waited outside while veterans came in flying flags high on motorcycles, soon followed by the buses of soldiers. You could feel the tears, hear the cheers, and couldn’t wait to get your hands on your soldier. Time had frozen and you were the happiest woman on earth! Fast forward 3 years and it is happening again.

This year, I have been fortunate enough to get to know one of Dan’s fellow soldier’s wife, Burcu, and have been amazed by her strength and resiliency carrying their baby and delivering during this deployment. Little Marshall will be loved by many. I’m sure he has been a blessing to her during this time. I had to include this adorable picture of their son.


I couldn’t imagine doing that alone. This deployment kind of put our life on hold, including building a family. Once Dan is home in November I can finally feel settled, although you always have the fear of him leaving again.

Here are a few things I learned this year during this deployment:

  1. When things go wrong in the house take care of it myself unless I have to involve Dan. Dan can’t do much from miles away and this only puts unnecessary stress on him.
  2. Reach out to friends and family. People always tell you to let them know if you need anything. I am not very good about that and assume people know I need help mowing, cleaning, etc. Sometimes I feel like superwoman and I can do it all myself.
  3. It’s okay if our house is a mess! This is a tough one for me being slightly OCD. I want nothing more than to come home to a spotless home where everything is neat and tidy. Then reality sets in!
  4. It’s also okay for me to want to be alone. No visitors, no chores, just me and a book or netflix. I struggle with feeling selfish about that, but sometimes just need alone time and I am okay with that. This is not the happiest time and it is not because I am depressed.

So needless to say, I can’t wait until homecoming. I can have my family back together again and be somewhat normal until the next call to duty happens. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I would rather have my husband sometimes than not at all. I will make sure to post pictures of homecoming. Until then, I will be counting down the days!

Thanks for reading! Kim


Happy Birthday Blue!


It has been one year since we adopted Blue! Time sure does fly! But what would I have done without him during this difficult year. He has been a blessing to our family and has provided so many laughs, smiles and kisses! It is crazy to think of where he has come in a year, from hiding in the bathroom to now following me around! He sure does love his new family! Today we celebrate his 5th birthday. He might get spoiled and get a bowtie. Do you remember Blue’s story? See the post when we got him and a few months later! He has been through a lot of fun times in the Spalding Family! Blue has even taught us a few things, simple really. Things like love, relaxation and patience!

Today we celebrate Blue, the silliest dog that we love to the moon and back! You’re my boy Blue!




Thanks for reading!


How you can serve on Veteran’s Day

In celebration of Veteran’s Day today, I have compiled several resources that will inspire you to honor veterans, not just today, but everyday. Veterans are our spouses, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and the list goes on.  Families are awaiting their loved one’s return. The families serve alongside their soldiers.


Here’s how you can help:

Operation In Touch – Includes ways to be a friend, serve a military family & create thank you gifts.

Wounded Warrior Project– An organization to honor and empower wounded warriors. Makes a great place to serve, donate, or even use your wedding to support (in lieu of favors, give donation).

Tough Mudder– Find an event near you and participate in a 10-12 mile obstacle course, proceeds benefit Wounded Warrior Project.

Jo My Gosh– Various resources on military and deployment. Awesome blog!

Vietnam Veterans of America– Donate your used goods to support Veterans.

On this day my own veteran (my husband) celebrates his birthday! I am truly grateful for all his sacrifices and because of his hard work, our family is strong. He is my hero, my rock. And on top of it, it is also my mom’s birthday we get to celebrate!


The below picture is my husband returning from his last deployment. A month before our wedding!


And for fun, take care of yourself today and try this workout:

military-bootcamp-anytime-fitnessHappy Veteran’s Day!