How you can serve on Veteran’s Day

In celebration of Veteran’s Day today, I have compiled several resources that will inspire you to honor veterans, not just today, but everyday. Veterans are our spouses, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, and the list goes on.  Families are awaiting their loved one’s return. The families serve alongside their soldiers.


Here’s how you can help:

Operation In Touch – Includes ways to be a friend, serve a military family & create thank you gifts.

Wounded Warrior Project– An organization to honor and empower wounded warriors. Makes a great place to serve, donate, or even use your wedding to support (in lieu of favors, give donation).

Tough Mudder– Find an event near you and participate in a 10-12 mile obstacle course, proceeds benefit Wounded Warrior Project.

Jo My Gosh– Various resources on military and deployment. Awesome blog!

Vietnam Veterans of America– Donate your used goods to support Veterans.

On this day my own veteran (my husband) celebrates his birthday! I am truly grateful for all his sacrifices and because of his hard work, our family is strong. He is my hero, my rock. And on top of it, it is also my mom’s birthday we get to celebrate!


The below picture is my husband returning from his last deployment. A month before our wedding!


And for fun, take care of yourself today and try this workout:

military-bootcamp-anytime-fitnessHappy Veteran’s Day!


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