An afternoon under the cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms in Lexington, Kentucky

What could be more exciting than spending the day under the pink curtain of cherry blossoms in your own city?? HELLO SPRING! Today was perfect weather for a sweatshirt or no sleeves. When my friend, Julia, suggested we go to the Lexington Cemetery to see the trees, I jumped on the idea volunteering to take pictures. Nothing gets me like a spring, pink backdrop for pictures. Especially having a little girl, I can’t get enough of pink, dresses and hair bows. And I have a specific place in my heart for cherry blossoms.

My husband and I wanted to grow our family and that journey began in Washington, D.C. during spring of 2015 when the cherry blossoms were blooming. So these trees certainly leave me with all the feels!

Savannah and her friend, Emma

I felt like a magical princess today, even chasing two toddlers. There is a street lined with these beautiful trees in the middle of the Lexington Cemetery and there were lines to get pictures. Everyone waiting for everyone else to move out of the way! So when Savannah was sitting on the potty in the back of the car, I snapped some shots. (HAHAHA) But we also spent several hours there soaking up the sunshine and little hands were reaching for the little pink flowers. Savannah was so excited today to see the “pink trees!”

Cherry blossom lined street

Before you freak out about taking pictures in the cemetery, take it from me, so did I. I tried to get shots where the headstones are not front and center. The grounds are beautiful and there are fountains, ducks, flowers and calm. Lots of calm. It was very peaceful and the kids loved getting outside.

There is so much to explore in your own city. I didn’t even know such a beautiful, hidden gem existed like this here. So ask around, find these beautiful trees! They are not in bloom for very long. Tomorrow is going to be perfect weather too!

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