Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Job (Not Yet Anyway!)

The one major road block in my current job is remembering that it does not define me or my character. This can be difficult for many people, including myself. After years of college, community volunteering and being an all around ‘good’ person, I thought for sure I would have landed my career job by now. That is just not the case.

coffee-apple-iphone-deskA recent sermon at my church reminded me that each job you take is for a reason and somewhere in there you will find a life lesson. For example, when dealing with difficult coworkers, you have just learned a lesson in conflict management. Take that on to your next job interview. If you are a chef in an average job just to pay the bills, remember those skills you will learn to serve your family with delicious, healthy foods.

When I see other colleagues quit because of injustice or they believe they have been treated unfairly, yes they are standing their ground, but how does that decision affect their families? I probably would have already quit about 20 times if this was the right way to go. Could I survive if I quit today, yes. Why haven’t I quit yet to run my business and dive into being an entrepreneur full time?

Here is why you shouldn’t quit your day job just yet:

1. Base salary. Although my job is just a job and I am often treated unfairly and not appreciated, I am helping my family. I am looking ahead to the future while also slowly growing my business.

2. Networking. Simple enough, but showing others I will weather the storm and come out a better person shows a piece of my character. The relationships I have made are priceless! My business may not have even been started if it wasn’t for my current role and meeting others.

3. Learning about your business. My business started out as furniture painting and repurposing. As time has gone by it has evolved into wood art and custom signs. See some of them here. By rushing the process and putting added stress on myself to make money, it may have been a different story! Keeping my day job, I can focus on my business at a slower pace in developing all the pieces to make sure it will be a success.

4. Testing your passion. As much as I would like to think that I would wake up at 5am and begin working full time as an entrepreneur, having only spare time to accomplish my business pursuits tests your passion. Each night when I come home from work, I have the challenge of working more or sleeping! This has been the true test of my business. Working weekends and nights ensures I love what I do.


So take it from me, don’t quit just yet! From my experience, I imagine I will know when I am ready to quit and dive in full time. For now, it is comforting having the family support and network behind me every step of the way. I can contribute to my family income and enjoy my art on the side. To see more about my business and items for sale visit here.

Thanks for visiting and I want to hear your stories on this process! Send me a comment below.

5 Things My Dog Taught Me

The saying, “who rescued who,” is pretty spot on when it comes to my hound dog, Blue. His journey with us began in response to my husband’s deployment. I never thought he would have such an impact in my life. Until you own a dog of your own, it is hard to truly understand. When I think things can’t get worse, I have these sad eyes looking to me for guidance. Here are 5 things Blue has taught me.

1. Take time for rest. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day, rushing around trying to get everything done. Blue forces me to stop and relax. Whether it is beside him or by taking a walk. You deserve it and it is good for your health!


2. Love regardless. Blue doesn’t care what I look like in the morning (or my breath!), he doesn’t care what shirt I’m wearing, or what I smell like after working out. He looks at me with a world of possibilities and loves me anyway.


3. It’s okay to be spoiled. Yes! I said it! What is life for if not to have fun and care about those around you by spoiling them! He gets his fair share of treats and attention. He knows he is loved and cared for. That is the best feeling!


4. Talk to people! It is easy to take a walk and pass neighbors without even looking up from your phone. These days we often forget to be human and talk to each other. When Blue runs up without hesitation to say hi to strangers (or dogs!), I have no choice but to meet them. It is fun meeting all these new friends!


5. Look for things in unexpected places! Ok, this one is more of a metaphor but is completely true for him. What is he looking for under the table? Sniffing the rug for who knows what, finding crumbs in the couch cushion. He isn’t afraid of exploring what all life has to offer!


Gotta love that face!


What has your dog taught you? I’m sure there are many more! Here are a few others: To forgive, to smile at the simple things in life and have fun exercising!

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