Favorite Flea Market Finds

My dream house is not filled with Pottery Barn stuff (ok, maybe one or two), but I can’t afford that nor feel comfortable spending that much! But, it does inspire me to be creative looking for beauty amongst used, worn out, flea market finds. The best part about these finds is they tell a story. They have a history and are not mass produced. Somehow, even though my house is filled with so-called junk, it all goes together! Here are some of my favorite finds:


via furniture4world.blogspot.com


via Southshore Decorating Blog


via HGTV.com


Via Little Yellow Typewriter

Little Yellow Typewriter is one of my favorite blogs! They are doing it right with the amazing finds they score and creative spin on common flea market finds! They even have creative ways to get your kids involved. Check out their site!

Let me know what flea market finds you have and what you’ve done with them!

Thanks for reading!


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