Trip report- Hawaii in December

It’s a little late, but I wanted to share our babymoon trip to Hawaii. I will say that I am ready to go back! If only the long flight was good for pregnant ladies.

We arrived on Oahu in mid-December and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. About 80 degrees, give or take a small shower or two. We stayed in Wyndham Vacation Resorts and met with the concierge upon arrival. We had some ideas in mind already about what we wanted to explore while in Hawaii. The shark diving tour I will get to…

We ate at Heavenly, this quaint little brunch place the first morning and I have to say, we went back again during the week we were there. Hands down, best food and fresh fruit!


This is Hanauma Bay, best snorkeling spot around! See all that coral near the shore? That is filled with rainbow fish, big blue fish, you name it! I had to be careful with my belly not touching the coral and you watch a short presentation before you can go into the bay to make sure you know the regulations around not touching coral or disturbing the ecosystem.  This is a must-see for any Hawaii-goer! We bought an underwater camera, so our pictures weren’t great, but it preserved the memory for us.

We went to the Kuoloa Ranch and saw where major films have been produced such as Jurassic Park and Lost. Beautiful scenery! We also hiked the Manoa Falls trail. It was a little tricky navigating on wet rocks while prego, but a great workout! Take lots of water!


Make sure to enjoy the Dole Plantation and that pineapple ice cream. A great place to pick up Christmas gifts as well. Lots of chocolate covered goodies, kitchen items, etc.

You also must go to a luau while in Hawaii. We went to the Big Kahuna Luau, which sits on top of sweet potato mountain (according to our bus driver). You can see the view of the island from the top. We went around sunset, so you can see in the picture how beautiful it is.



Shark diving! Our baby is so adventurous! You can see the cage we went into and we were surrounded by about six 10-12 foot Galapagos sharks. After you get over the initial terror of seeing the sharks surrounding your boat, it was one of the best experiences!


I will leave you with these last 2 images, although this blog post could get really long. Rainbows everywhere and here’s me with our baby girl announcement! Little Savannah just kicked- she wants to go back!

The aloha spirit is still alive!

Are you planning a trip to Hawaii anytime soon? I would love to chat! I have so many more things to share!



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