9 Relaxing things to do during Third Trimester

9 relaxing things

With about one week before my due date, needless to say, I am not doing much these days. I want to share some of my favorite things to do during third trimester that fit into the ‘relaxing’ category!

1. Take a warm bath

This is probably one of the best ways to take pressure of off your growing belly and it can be very rejuvenating. I put a little bit of coconut oil and lavender oil in the water. Make sure the water is not so hot that you have to gradually get into the water.  Skip the glass of wine and grab some chocolate and a good book instead!


2. Watch these series of Ted Talks on Birth and Pregnancy

Sit back in your favorite recliner and watch these Ted talks. I have already started on them and they really give you insight into some of the things you will be experiencing real soon- childbirth! They have actually helped give me a more calming feeling about the whole experience.


3. Shop for baby stuff

This is probably a better idea during the beginning of your third trimester, maybe after you have your baby shower. And don’t forget to splurge on a few new things for that sweet baby of yours. Things you may not need, but look cute!! Easy to do with a baby girl on the way! One of my favorite places to shop for neutral clothing was Old Navy. Although, most of the things I bought were pink 🙂 Usually your registries will send you a completion coupon for some of the things you didn’t receive as gifts. Make sure to use those!

4. Go on dates with your husband

Your family unit started with just the two of you- don’t forget that! Long after the babies are grown and out of the house, it will be back to the two of you. Make sure to not only cherish this sweet time with your husband, but go on some fun dates before that bundle of joy arrives. Make it a useful trip by going shopping for baby furniture and then going to dinner! Or go see a movie in the nice theater with the reclining seats 🙂 Wear a cute maternity outfit too!IMG_64005. Drink tea

My wonderful sister bought me some of the Organic Earth Mama Angel Baby tea to try and it has been great sipping this while watching some of my favorite shows or reading. They have a variety of types for different stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Since I have cut coffee completely out, this has been a great alternative for me.

6. Prenatal yoga/barre

Aches and pains of pregnancy are bound to happen! Doing some gentle stretching with prenatal yoga and barre classes have made a world of difference. I found the dvd on Amazon for $16.99, so there are ways to do this on a budget. All you need is a chair for balance or you can get crazy like I did and install a balance bar. I love barre and this was  a good investment for me. There are some days I can only do about 20 minutes, but that is okay! Your body is busy making a tiny human; you are going to be tired! Do these exercises as you see fit and have fun!IMG_5667

7. Design your baby’s nursery

You may remember my blog post on my full nursery reveal, and I was so glad I got to share this with my readers.  As soon as we found out it was a girl, the planning immediately started. Third trimester can be a great time to get your last minute details together like the essentials for the changing table, washing all the baby clothes, and hanging any last minute decorations. This has been a relaxing experience for me and I can’t wait for baby Savannah to see her room!DSC048098. Take maternity photos

Third trimester bellies are perfect for photographs! Just make sure to take them during a time you are comfortable and feel beautiful. I know for me, there was a certain point in third trimester that I blew up! (At least felt this way) These photos are meant to be fun and document your pregnancy.  I hung one up in our nursery above the changing table. Pinterest can be great for finding inspiration for your photos. I wanted to use huge pink balloons for our photo shoot and we asked our sister in law to do the photos for us to save money. SONY DSCSONY DSC9. Make a daddy survival kit

I didn’t want my husband to feel left out. After all, I am carrying the baby and receiving all kinds of baby shower gifts! His hard work and support mean the world to me, so I wanted to do something special for him. I put together this little Daddy Survival Kit. It was so much fun gathering items like Savannah Bee Company honey straws (reminder of our baby girl’s name and our vacation there), Daddy’s princess outfit with tutu, some camo socks, UK onesie (of course), and some essentials such as migraine medicine and healthy nutrition packs! What other things have you put in your Daddy Survival kits?IMG_6273

Hope some of these relaxing things will make your third trimester just a little better and not as painful! Hang in there mama! Baby will be here soon!

What other relaxing things are you doing to ease your pregnancy?

Thanks for reading!


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