How to save money on picture frames


If you are a decorating addict like me, your husband will say we don’t need to buy any more frames! That is the case at our house. So what do I do… find creative ways to save money on frames. Here are a few of my favorite ways:

>>Shop the clearance aisle at Hobby Lobby. I found a few $30 table top frames that had the back broken off. Got them for $4! It didn’t matter since I wanted to use them to hang anyway. Seriously, this is how I’ve scored the best frames for cheap. They always have a good stock too!



>>Rearrange the frames you already have. If you are anything like me, you printed so many wedding pictures. A few years later, it is all baby!  As the seasons in your life change, you may want to change some of the pictures. Take a few frames you already have and give them new life by moving them around in your house and changing out the photographs.

>>Use coupons! Hobby lobby and Michaels both have apps with coupons each week. And Hobby lobby has tabletop frames half off all the time!

>>Shop Michaels sales. I got these 11X14 frames for $6 a piece for my stairway gallery wall!! Patience pays off when decorating! Since I bought these frames, I have seen the 70% off frames sale a few times. Sometimes you can even use extra coupons on these. I chose the prints for this gallery wall randomly sifting through photos, but they are a good representation of our little family. Lots of Army pictures, our doggie, and Savannah, GA (the Forsyth fountain).


>>Shop the discount stores like TJMaxx and Marshalls. I am a little partial to these stores, or as others would call it, obsessed! I may have been there yesterday. They have such unique, reasonably priced frames. Just be careful not to buy the entire store!

>>Go to thrift shops! Or even better, shop your mom’s closets for those vintage frames! See, another reason moms are the best!

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you have other ideas I didn’t mention.




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