Review of the BabyList registry

EXHIBITIONWhen I found BabyList had a registry where you could add items from any store, I thought that was a great idea since one of my favorite stores, Marshalls, has the cutest baby stuff and best prices. That was one thing that was not available for my wedding registry. I was able to add gift cards from Marshalls, my newborn photographer, Sarah E Dunn Photo & Design, and other places that typically don’t have a registry. I am hoping to help others by writing this review of my experience with BabyList!

>>Ease of Use– BabyList was very user friendly and easy to navigate. It had a lot of different options with its navigation. You can share your registry and track gifts.
>>Price comparison– It allows you to price compare and lists the best price for the item you register for. A lot of the items are found on Amazon and when their prices change, it also sends you an email alert.


>>External registries– You can add other registries to BabyList too, so ideally, you could point your guests to one registry and find all of them in one place.
>>Products– BabyList allows you to browse products from popular companies, handmade items from places like Etsy, and gives reviews of those items. You can browse through different articles and sample registries.



I don’t have many cons, other than looking back and registering for a lot of items I didn’t necessarily need as recommended by BabyList guides. It is so much of a personal preference on registry items, I am not sure this is avoidable. As a first time mom, I was happy that I registered for items that were really just cute more than functional, especially having a girl! I figured I probably wouldn’t spend the money after she arrives on anything other than the necessities.

In hindsight, I would have rather signed up for an Amazon Baby Registry and here’s why:
>>Simplicity of finding items– Search for your item, done!
Most people compare prices on Amazon anyway (why make it harder!?)- You want your guests to have an easy time finding gifts for you.
>>Amazon Prime -Makes shipping free for those with the membership. We seriously buy everything on here (from paper towels to diapers to drinks). Totally worth the yearly fee.
>>Lowest prices– This is usually the case on a lot of the baby items you will want. Other than using the one time coupons you get in the mail for the big box stores.
>>External registries– You can also add your external registries to Amazon. Have it all in one place. You can add anything from the web too, just like BabyList!
>>Amazon Handmade– Similar to online marketplaces like Etsy, one stop shop on Amazon for unique handmade items. They even have a Handmade Baby Store!
>>Welcome box– See more details about what you get in your box to start your journey of motherhood! I never received anything like that from BabyList. Womp womp!
>>Completion discount– Get 10% off everything you buy on your registry, 15% for Amazon Prime members!
>>Amazon has everything!

So would I recommend BabyList to expectant mothers? Absolutely! But first consider Amazon for its benefits listed above. If I could do it over, I would go with the Amazon Baby Registry!

Thanks for reading mommas! Please share your experiences with baby registries.

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