My honest review: Roomba vacuum

Our first Christmas with our daughter, Dan and I decided to invest in our home instead of buying each other individual gifts. Not sure how we got to it, but we decided on getting a Roomba vacuum. SO FAR, BEST DECISION EVER!! (This is the model 880) This is also helping my OCD need to vacuum!


We have had the Roomba for about 3 weeks and it is so easy to use. I can literally vacuum while sitting on the couch watching TV. Ok, that sounds super lazy, but when we first got it we wanted to see how it operates- if it will eat curtains, go over hardwood, and fall down stairs. So that required some watching! But seriously, I will be putting Savannah down to sleep and running the vacuum in our bedroom across the hall.

Here are some of the reasons I LOVE it:

Easy to clean. The dirt tray comes out easily and you dump it in the trash. The underneath little wheels pop right out too and you just pull the hair right off. No scissors necessary like on every other vacuum! This is revolutionizing for all the moms (and anyone with hair) out there! I can’t tell you how many times I cut hair from around the vacuum turny things.

Easy alerts. When the vacuum is full, it beeps and tells you and a little trash can icon comes on. Or if it is in a place stuck, it will tell you to move it. (I will get to this part later!)

Cleans UNDER furniture. How often do you really move your furniture to vacuum underneath? No need with the Roomba! It does it for you. For instance, we have a large wooden king bed in our master and no way can we move that thing. It is being sold with the house. Haha

Great for pet hair. As gross as it is to empty the dust out, it is LIBERATING at the same time. All that dust and pet hair gone!

Runs for a long time! I usually let the Roomba clean for a while. More than I would normally vacuum. It goes over the room multiple times and does a much more thorough job than I would do with an upright vacuum.

Remote control. Need I say more. You can steer it if you need it to stay or go in a certain direction.

You may have some questions like I initially did before getting the Roomba. Does it go down stairs? How does it know which room to vacuum? Can you schedule it to vacuum when you are not home?

Well, it knows there are stairs and can feel the bottom and will not go down stairs. And it comes with a little device that you put in the entryway to a room to let it know not to pass or to pass. (pretty neat!) And you can schedule it! I haven’t got to try this part yet only because I am a stay at home mom and haven’t really had the need yet for this. I just vacuum while I’m home. I can always write another post later on to let you know and an update in general on how the vacuum is doing!


The only few things that I complain about with this vacuum are really just me being ultra lazy. Ha! So, sometimes to empty the dirt bin, you do have to put your fingers in there. But weren’t you going to wash your hands anyways after cleaning it out?? I hope so! **UPDATE: Please read the manual. The dirt bin is actually VERY EASY to empty and no fingers required. A friend of mine showed me to pull down where the arrows are to empty it. So this whole time I was doing it wrong. OOPS!

And in order to vacuum, you have to clear things off the floor. But you would do this with any other upright, so I can’t really complain! I haven’t seen the Roomba eat cords or curtains, but I have tried to avoid that at all costs anyway.

So what do you think? Worth the price? I think so! A mom’s savior and a pet’s best friend 🙂 Depending on if you have a cat that will ride on it. Or in our case, a dog that will chase it and protect you from it… those darn robots. I will keep you updated as we continue to use it! Post any additional questions you have below! Also read the reviews online for this particular model!

If you want to compare other Roomba models and see how the reviews did check this  guide out! It also lists what each particular series of Roomba offers.



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  1. Love this post. So glad you like the Roomba. How’s Dan feeling today? And, how are you and Savannah doing?

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