My favorite Aldi finds for less!

dsc06099Being a stay at home has its challenges. One of them is finding new, creative ways to save money. So when I started shopping Aldi, it was a game changer! I can honestly say we have cut our grocery bill by 30-40%. Of course, there are still several name brand items we continue to buy at Kroger, but I wanted to share with you the magic of Aldi! I wish I would have learned about it sooner!

Growing up, I remember my grandpa coming over with cases of pop from Aldi and some cereal. Haha, what a smart man he was! Carrying on the tradition for you Grandpa Nickley!

Sorry Girl Scouts, but they have knock off cookies for $1.39! Thin mints are my favorite! And these taste just as good and you get more in the box.dsc06087
Fresh produce oh my! You can find the same produce and just as fresh. Avocados for $.69! Unheard of people! One of our go to dinners is crispy chicken salad. Aldi has a wide selection for you to customize your ingredients.dsc06092
Most of the Aldi stores around us (Lexington, KY) have been remodeled and have a fresher guarantee and quality.dsc06090dsc06097
Cereal is less than $2!! Whhhaaaatttt!! Stock up on those generic Cheerios for the baby and those Fruity O’s for the hubby!

They also have a row of random, non-food items. I found this pizza cooking tray the other day, but had to pass since we just bought one. Otherwise, it would have come home with me!dsc06093

And where are my coffee lovers? A box of K-cups for less than $5. Sign me up! The quality is really good, trust me. I am one coffee connoisseur.
dsc06100One of the meals I made recently from Aldi ingredients was this bacon-wrapped, jalapeno stuffed chicken breast. I bought a pack of jalapeños in the produce section for .$89. Here is the link to the recipe.

I would recommend just a few changes to the recipe depending on your oven and preferences on spiciness:

I halved the recipe since it was only the two of us eating. So I used half of one jalapeno (recipe called for 4) just for the flavor and to avoid the spiciness. I would recommend using a full one. And when cooking the chicken, I left it in for an additional 20 minutes. (But keep an eye depending on your oven) I also threw in some of Aldi’s mashed potatoes to go with the chicken. I prepped the chicken ahead of time during nap time and threw it in the oven just in time for hubby to get home and enjoy!

The other great thing about Aldi here in Lexington is that it’s never really crowded and its big enough, yet small enough that if you forget something, it’s pretty easy to go back and find it.

So next time you go shopping, give Aldi a try! Don’t forget your quarter for the cart return and bring your own bags!

Thanks for reading! Please share your favorite items at Aldi!

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