Making money as a stay at home mom

I’m excited to share with all of you some ways I have found to make extra money as a stay at home mom. A lot of people have wanted to know my tips on couponing as well, which I will also address. When my husband and I decided I would stay at home as the main caregiver, there was a lot of discussion around the finances, for obvious reasons. We revisited our budget, made a bunch of calls to our bills to see where we could cut costs, and also started shopping more at Aldi. I usually visit there once a month on average.

Now, how do I MAKE MONEY??

Ibotta app
My number one way is by using the Ibotta app. If you haven’t heard of this app yet, shame on you 🙂 It’s basically a rebate app that pays you money back for doing your everyday shopping. Each retailer has items that if you buy, they will pay you money. So they are benefiting since you are buying their products. For example, I just sent my receipt in this morning from Walmart and made $2.50. I got paid for buying yogurt, baby food, and crackers. Also, they have money back for buying any item. It really gets you in the habit of using the app. My email reminded me this morning that it has been a full year using it now.  With Black Friday deals coming up too, you can buy directly through the app and earn even more cash back. These are things you were going to buy anyway. We recently bought my daughter an Echo Dot for music in her room after she starting having night terrors. And pretty much the cutest thing is hearing her tell Alexa what music she wants to hear. We purchased through the app to get 5% back. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you stay home, every dollar (or cent) matters.

So how does it work?
>> Download the Ibotta app
>> Enter my promo code to get $10 free!
>> Start shopping the rebates and offers on the app (It really is that simple)
>> After you purchase items, scan/upload your receipt
>> You can send the money earned to your account! It usually takes just a day.

So yes, the app is free! No gimmicks 🙂 Make the most of your holiday shopping this year and grocery shopping throughout the year!

Now, let me talk coupons!
There have been shopping trips where I save 15-20% on my total with coupons. I will admit, using coupons does take time. I compare the sales and then combine it with coupons I have. Sometimes I am even able to double up coupons. For example, if I have two separate coupons for the same item I can use both. I also use the Ibotta app in combination with coupons. And for some reason, I am on Kroger’s best customer list. So i get free coupons all the time.

Open an online shop
Another way to make money is sell your talents! What do you do best? I have been slowly getting back into crafts and sewing. I had an Etsy shop set up when I was making wood signs (pre-second baby) and that would allow me to do some projects while the kids nap or in the evening. And as many of you know, my back pain has limited some of this for now.  I’m now 8 months postpartum so taking it easy and slowly healing. But this requires a lot of time stretching and strengthening. I’m hopeful to get back into selling handmade items in the next year or two!

Craiglist/Facebook Marketplace
I have also been on the minimalist journey so I am frequently cleaning out and selling anything of value on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. For those with kids, minimalism has saved me so much time (and money). You spend less time cleaning up clutter and have more time to spend with family. I am only surrounded by the things I love (and that bring me joy). If you haven’t read The Life changing magic of tidying up, it should be on your list. What, you don’t have time? Me neither, but for me this was a priority. I skimmed that book in a day or two and began sending bags and bags of STUFF and CLUTTER to be donated.

Amazon Associates program
You know all those links to products on Amazon when you are reading blogs? Well when you buy through the link provided, the person makes a little money (and does a little happy dance). Pretty simple right? It took me less than 5 minutes to set up my account. Read more about the program here! Who doesn’t shop Amazon?? 🙂 This program works well for me because I have a blog, use ALOT of Amazon products, and love to help others (especially moms) find deals!

So there you have it! What other ways do you have to make money while staying home? Taking care of two littles is a full time job, but there are little snippets of ME time. And some of these above mentioned take little time! Please comment with questions too!

Thanks for reading!


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