If my husband Dan was ever to be deployed again, I told him I was going to get a dog. That is how this story began.

We found out a month or so ago that he would indeed be deployed again. After discussion weighing the pros and cons of having a dog, we knew we shouldn’t adopt a dog for this reason alone. After giving it some thought, we decided it would be nice to have the companionship and this addition to our family.  Falling in love with Maddie the Coonhound and doing research on coonhounds, this breed was the perfect mix of sweet, friendly, and oh so adorable! I found Blue Jeans, a bluetick coonhound from a rescue on Petfinder.  His new name is Blue. For some reason, Blue is very blue. That is what we have been experiencing the last few days.

When we met Blue at the park to pick him up, he was running in the field, happy-go-lucky and at the same time very calm. (If that makes sense) We knew we wanted to take him home. He jumped in our car excited to come home with us. He was originally from Kentucky and was coming back!


We drove about 2 hours home, parked and tried to get Blue out of the car, he wasn’t having it. He fought us to get in the house and finally we managed to get him to enter in the basement. Once in, he was very nervous, smelling around, wondering where he was. He knew this was not the same place he left.

Getting upstairs finally, he circled in our hallway between the bathroom and the basement door. (which is one little area) He made his way into the bathroom and hasn’t left since. We have tried most of the tricks in the book and got him out briefly to go outside where he was a completely different dog. He seemed to be himself.

After doing research when this sort of thing happens, seems he is experiencing withdrawal and we really don’t have many details on what all he has been through. It is best to let him be then to force him to do anything. That way he will learn to trust us and feel at home.


So a few days later, we are just waiting on him to come to us. We are on his second food trail, have him stocked with toys and treats, and on occasion see his tail wag. We are making progress. It may be slow, but we know our boy Blue will come around.

We do know that he likes being rubbed and loved on and is so gentle and sweet. He hasn’t barked once and we are just waiting on him to feel at home so we can get to know him better. His sad little face is reminding me of pound puppies. (if you were a child of the 90s, you may remember these)

Thanks Annie’s Orphans, we are blessed to have Blue as part of our family. Stay tuned for updates!

XOXOX Kim & Dan

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