Let’s talk about Blue

Wow! Another week and a half has passed since my last blog post about Blue, our newest member of the family. He’s a bluetick Coonhound and his personality is beginning to come alive. Just yesterday, I heard a noise coming from the other room and sure enough he was into the treats…

He is becoming bolder and feeling more at home. He follows me around wherever I go (except of course when I want him to do something).  I try bribing him with a bacon treat to go sit in his new bed, but he waits until I am out of the room to sneak and get it.

Before bed, he whimpers at the door to go out, same thing in the morning. He has been eating regularly the last 2 days. We found that by taking his food away until his 2 feeding times, he would eat. This was hard to do at first in the condition he was in.






All I want to do is kiss his long, floppy ears. I also came across this picture of a bluetick, which looks like our boy. He loves our porch!



Found here.

Oh, and pretty sure I heard his first little bark or howl this morning when he was out exploring the yard. I love that Blue is coming around and showing his true self. Think I’m in love! XOXOX

And this is what a puppy Blue would look like. My heart is melting…


Found here.

I am still learning about this breed and doing research to make sure he is well taken care of.

Do you have a hound dog? Comment below on what you love about your dog!

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