Coonhounds & Community at the Local Farmer’s Market

Saturday mornings are the best! Sleeping in, drinking coffee and petting my dog. Visiting the local farmer’s market is also on my top things to do list. The market variety ranges from honey, flowers, dog treats, bbq, fruits & veggies, and includes an artist market as well. I will be one of the vendors next week, so be sure to come shop!

Another opportunity I had was to meet up with a relative for the first time! Lots of community this morning and Blue had a great time meeting new friends.

Here is a little diary in pictures of our adventure this morning:

Here we are on the way. Blue is not sure where we are going!


IMG_0002Blue met a redtick hound and pretty sure he was in love!


I was tempted to purchase the painting in the background here of Keeneland by local artist, Enrique Gonzalez. He has a lot of equestrian art and other local attraction paintings. Blue and I were trying to find some shade!

IMG_0007 IMG_0004 IMG_3460I met Glenda from Earnest Art and was drawn in by her work. She was selling her son’s watercolor work and she mentioned he is on his third deployment. I was so glad I could support him and their family by buying these beautiful notecards with his original work.



And we made our way home! Time to get home, eat lunch and get to work on some new creations for my booth set up next week at the Lexington Farmer’s Market! Hope you can stop by and shop!




And these peaches are delicious! What local events are going on in your area that you make a point to visit?

Thanks for stopping by!


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