You’re my boy Blue!


one month with bluetick

This weekend was 5 weeks since we adopted the sneaky, smart, lovable boy Blue. It is absolutely amazing how much he has come around in 5 short weeks from the first few days. Read about his first days here.

As of today, Blue has officially seen the whole house, including watching the UK game tonight. In between commercials he has stolen my 10 year old pink piggie slippers and managed to pull the eye off. Then as I wear them and have them next to me, he grabs one and runs off! What a stinker!


Blue follows both of us around and loves his walks. He could walk 4 times a day. I’m looking forward to our hiking adventures to come! Hopefully I can keep up with this silly dawg! He walks around whimpering when he is anxious and ready to walk. Or acts like a crazy person!



We’ve taught him to sit with his favorite treats, his doggie toothbrush treats. Now he walks around the house owning the place and sitting wherever he pleases. He is comfortable all over! So much different from the 72 hour bathroom hideout!


Here he is exhausted after one of our walks! He is in love with his new home! What a different life he must’ve had! Welcome home Blue!

Do you have a rescue dog? How has your dog adjusted? Feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for reading!


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