It’s a boy! Owen’s sweet nursery

With a few weeks to spare, the nursery is complete! For some reason, it was a lot more difficult to design a boy’s nursery than with Savannah’s room. Something about little girls and all the girly stuff is so fun! You can see Savannah’s nursery (once in this room) and her now big girl room! Not to say this wasn’t fun, it was just different. I can’t wait to experience what everyone keeps telling me about little boys. Owen’s nursery took a lot of inspiration from his daddy. It’s filled with UK Blue, Blue and Army stuff! I also threw in a little scripture that has kept me looking forward throughout this journey. And Savannah made sure he had a book wall so he could keep up with her love for reading! And I’m sure they will share a lot of it. It will be fun for her when I am nursing, changing, or playing with him in the nursery.DSC09957DSC09934DSC09931DSC09932DSC09940DSC09935DSC09954
How fun is this wool ball garland? If you know me, I had to throw in some handmade items! And this big print of Blue framed above the crib. Can you believe this print and frame came in under $25 total? A little DIY magic.DSC09948DSC09920DSC09943DSC09952DSC09929
As you can see, we still need to decide on a picture for that frame. The random little girl eating ice cream is cute and all, but maybe a sweet family picture would be better. And I have a thing for using what you already have to decorate, like hanging special clothes on the wall. I did the same with Savannah’s first year dress. DSC09925DSC09939
This little burlap hoop was a gift from a dear friend, made locally by Tina at Go Big or Go Home. It’s hand painted and so much love was put into this. What a sweet welcome to his room.

Now to get my bag packed for the hospital. I’m a little behind, but at least my laundry is done! He could be here tomorrow or in a few weeks! AHH… the anticipation of it all!

And then there is this girl. She is going to be the best big sister. I can’t wait to see their love for each other when Owen gets here. Little Owen is going to be a charmer, brave, and strong just like his daddy. We already know he is pretty wild and he hasn’t even arrived. God really did have a plan for our family and I am witnessing it first hand. It’s not easy, but it is so worth it! DSC00005DSC00041DSC00061DSC00050Thanks for stopping by and peeking into Owen’s room. We will keep you posted once he gets here!


How physical therapy saved me during pregnancy

Photo by Olivia McCarty

I always heard how your second baby would be a tough pregnancy, but I was in for a surprise. Being fairly healthy and working out consistently didn’t make a difference for me. Being only 15 months out from my first baby, my body still hadn’t fully adjusted back to normal yet. By about month 4 or so into my second pregnancy, I started having terrible back spasms at night, waking up screaming. Thankful for my husband all these nights for waking up and helping me, massaging it and comforting me. I was familiar with normal achiness from my first pregnancy, but I knew this was different. It was my upper right back and nothing was helping. Heat made it worse and I was at a loss of what to do. I became so frustrated and sad, not being able to do everyday tasks or fully able to play with and take care of my daughter. That was truly the worst part. I was already going through the anxiety of welcoming another baby where she wouldn’t get my full attention. So like any determined parent would do, I sought help and answers. I wouldn’t take no for an answer and chalk it up to “normal pregnancy symptoms” as many doctors and others had told me.DSC04790

I called around to my insurance to see what would be covered. I reached out to my facebook mom groups for guidance to see if anyone experienced something similar. I talked to physical therapist family members. A lot of people recommended chiropractic care. So I decided to try it. I went to one complimentary appointment and left there not feeling convinced it would offer relief. It wasn’t for me. (And this doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, I just felt uneasy about all the adjustments during pregnancy) And honestly, I left there with a suggestive problem of scoliosis. And I wasn’t convinced.

I reached out to my Fit4Mom family and several people recommended a physical therapy office near me. My first visit was amazing! They listened to what was ailing me, took measurements, gave me exercises to build strength, and did deep tissue massage in my upper back. It was instant relief (although still had a long way to go). This was early January and I am still going 1-2 times a week. I have built up strength, learned to be more aware of my posture, and do exercises daily to maintain my strength. I can’t say enough good things about the therapists at Performance Physical Therapy here in Lexington, Ky. I have spent the most time with Erin and she has done more than I would ever expect to help me. She is one of the most caring, kind, human beings I have ever met. With two small children of her own, she is familiar with everything that comes with pregnancy.

With a growing belly and other areas getting bigger contributing to the pain, carrying a toddler around, and prepping for a new baby, physical therapy has been life changing for me. I can sleep through the night and enjoy my daughter during the day. The pain is not fully gone, but it is manageable. No more spasms and screaming at night. In the evening I have exercises to do after a long day to help the muscles relax. And a massage chair has been great too!!

DSC_0748Photo by Olivia McCarty

So all you fellow mamas with pain- DON’T GIVE UP! There is hope for your pain relief. I hope to take these techniques and lessons into postpartum care too. You know, the times where you hunch over breastfeeding. I will definitely be more aware of posture and continue to strengthen the muscles. One thing I did learn is that your upper back/shoulder/rotator cuff area is super sensitive and you have to make a conscious effort to build strength. It is very fragile. IMG_7201

Please let me know if you have any questions or thoughts! I hope if you are reading this, you advocate for your body during pregnancy. Only you know if what you are feeling is normal. You got this mama!

Thanks for reading!

Savannah’s new room + sneak peek at Owen’s room

Once we found out we were pregnant with sweet baby number two, we starting rethinking the bedrooms in our home. Savannah’s nursery was directly across from the master and that was enough of a struggle to walk across the hall for the night time feedings, so I knew that room would be perfect for baby Owen. Sorry Savannah, you get the smaller room. But you have a bathroom next door. Win??

We moved her crib and furniture down the hall and she didn’t blink an eye moving or sleeping at night. She is at the age where its fun wherever Mommy and Daddy are. She runs circles around her new room, and as you can see from these photos, loves to get in the pictures.

We originally painted her nursery an off white when we first moved in and with tall ceilings, it was not an easy undertaking to repaint. And the color, Swiss Coffee by SW, I have throughout my home. It is one of my favorite neutral colors. So I added color and texture throughout the room without changing the wall color. Once we decided to move her room, I knew this was the perfect opportunity for that pink! It’s a very light, blush pink that is soft and perfect for my little baby. So here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: the reveal! (And I had to rearrange and clean countless times, so don’t let that fool you with a toddler, haha) And links to items can be found at the bottom.

Designing any room takes time. My secret is finding a piece or two and designing the room around that. I started with the paint color and then added complimentary colors like shades of green. My favorite thing in the room is this painting of the Keeneland race course. Being born a derby baby, it goes perfect in her room. I found a local artist here and I pretty much want all of her artwork for my house. DSC09859DSC09853
Pterodactyls are a girl’s best friend. Or so Savannah tells me. This cute poster was only $5 at a local vintage store here in Lexington, Ky. I am tempted to go back and find a different one for Owen’s room.DSC09851
I made this custom sign before Savannah was born (back when I had free time, ha). I love how it turned out and I hope she loves it as she grows up. It can definitely grow with her as her room continues to change.DSC09857DSC09852DSC09844DSC09841DSC09829
How cute are these little hexagon wood shelves? They are perfect for showcasing little treasures that should not be in reach of a toddler anyway! And how suiting that they look like a bee hive, one of her favorite things!DSC09830DSC09831DSC09833
Do you have a Nancy Tillman collection of books? These are my favorite books and Savannah loves reading them too. The illustrations are perfect just like the stories. DSC09816
We have several empty frames just waiting for the perfect picture. Her daddy picked out this gray Me & My Brother frame. I can’t wait to see how much Savannah will love her little brother.DSC09835I keep a bunch of treasures in this cute box. Her birthday cards, Christmas cards, ultrasound pictures and other random things. I even looked back at her tiny hospital bracelet and almost shed a tear.DSC09825
I found this two tier little rack and thought it would be perfect for bows. Even though who has time for that these days. She usually has her jammies on most days now since it’s so cold!
We bought this hamper before Savannah was born and we still love it. The 3 Sprouts storage containers are my favorite because they are adorable, child friendly, and don’t show too much wear and tear.DSC09810And her room wouldn’t be complete without her one year dress and pictures of Mommy and Daddy. That little frame is her ultrasound picture. A way for us to freeze time. Who knew we would love you THIS much and you continue to amaze us every day?!

Baby Owen, we have not forgot about you either buddy. This pregnant mama can only move so fast. I can’t believe we are about 8 weeks away from meeting you. Here’s a sneak peek from his room. We don’t really have a so-called theme. And this is the best way for me when it comes to designing. I usually start with a few pieces I love and the rest of the room comes together. Since we have so many neutral colors right now I am hoping to bring in some brighter or bolder colors with an area rug. Maybe navy blue or turquoise.
Gotta have a touch of Army in there somewhere!DSC09870
I am thinking of making a wall of shelves for books. I have a feeling Savannah will be reading him all the stories!DSC09869
THIS ROCKER!! It is my favorite piece of furniture in the house! We kept it in the baby’s room for those late night feedings. I will probably never part with it.DSC09874
She went over to the Rock n Play and said “Rock rock.” She is already ready for sweet Owen.dsc09881.jpg
Owen’s room wouldn’t be complete without these UK booties and hat of course. And his daddy wants ALL the UK jerseys for little man too. We are ready for you (although your room may not be). It’s all a process. But a super fun one!

Sherwin Williams Paint color Savannah’s room- Intimate White
Glidden Paint color Owen’s room- Swiss Coffee
Horse print- Kayla Weber Art
Lamp- Ikea
Dinosaur poster- Street Scene Vintage
Changing pad cover- Burt’s Bees Baby
Dresser- Ikea
Rolling cart- Target
Swinging bunny mobile- Etsy
Hexagon wall shelves- Target
White two tier wire storage for bows- Hobby Lobby
3 Sprouts polar bear hamper- Target
Cream ruffle curtains- Target
Nancy Tillman books- Amazon
Green baby dress- Target
White Graco crib- Wayfair
Army green hamper- Amazon
Gray Buffalo plaid crib sheet- Burts Bees baby
White rocker- Babies R Us
Puppy Rock n Play- Target

What are your favorite things to do when designing a kid’s room or nursery? Leave me a comment below.

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My love for buffalo plaid (and all plaid!)

Happy New Year! Hope this new year has been a fresh start for you. Thank you to each and every one of you for reading my blog and inspiring me throughout the year. I’m hoping to blog more so I guess that can be my resolution for 2018. I realized this holiday season that I was drawn to buffalo plaid (and all things plaid for that matter) and wanted to share a few of my favorites. Although the holidays are over, this is still a trend that can be carried throughout your home year round! DSC09463
I just finished up sewing this window seat cover. Hobby Lobby has this beautiful plaid in multiple colors and you can use the weekly 40% off coupon on a single cut of fabric. I ended up recovering this cushion seat for under $20 using 3 yards.  Not a sewing fan? Try this tutorial on a no-sew option I made before I began sewing. I decided I needed to be able to sew one and remove it for easy washing. With a large dog and messy toddler, this is the best option for our home.

burts bees sheet
With a baby boy on the way, I want to keep things simple and classic for his nursery. Burt’s bees had a big Christmas sale and I bought these sheets along with several other things, because who doesn’t love Burt’s bees??

plaid blanket
THIS BLANKET!!! Can you look and see how soft this is? Well, I will basically keep buying this blanket over and over again. I got it last year (2016) around Christmas and ended up buying several more since they are so cozy. And I bought several for gifts. Did you know if you download the Macy’s app you get an additional 20% off your first purchase? These ended up being less than $20 each. A pregnant girl’s best friend right here! plaid robeI have this Martha Stewart robe in black and white and it is so cozy, even a year later! It’s warm enough but not too thick. This robe is my go-to for being a stay at home mom on those lazy, coffee drinking mornings.DSC09647Here is my little baby model in her cotton plaid t-shirt dress from Old Navy. It’s soft and will last throughout the winter, not just the holidays. You can dress it up or down too! She paired it with these cute Target Cat and Jack brand  leggings.
This last one is a stretch for plaid, ha, but thought I would share anyway! I came across Kayla Weber Art, a local shop here in Lexington, Ky. She paints beautiful works of art and made these ornaments around Christmas. I ordered one for a friend of mine who left Lexington for her husband’s new Naval base in Italy. I wanted her to have a little piece of Ky to take with her. I encourage you to check out her shop!  You will see one of these beautiful paintings on Savannah’s new room reveal! Gotta have a derby themed painting for my derby baby living in Lexington, Kentucky.

Links to all these goods:

Hobby Lobby Sawyer Buffalo plaid duck cloth fabric

Burt’s bees plaid crib sheet

Charter Club Cozy Plush Throw

Martha Stewart Robe

Old Navy toddler plaid dress

Kayla Weber Art

Thanks for stopping by and checking out all the fabulous plaid! I hope you and your family have a happy, healthy New Year filled with all of your favorite things! -Kim

Ashford Acres Inn bed & breakfast: our stay

IMG_5976Our very first B & B was in Savannah, GA where we stayed in a beautiful historic house overlooking Forsyth Park. At some point, we decided that for our anniversaries it would be fun to stay at different B & B’s. Our stay at Ashford Acres Inn was our third one, despite being married for 5 years now. Life gets in the way: things like deployments and babies 🙂 And I forgot my nice camera so excuse the less than perfect quality photos with my Iphone. I was really looking forward to bringing it, bummer!IMG_5954IMG_5978Our main reason for choosing Ashford Acres Inn was its close proximity to Lexington (about 50 miles) and the pictures and reviews online. Once arriving, it lived up to our expectations plus more. The main house was gorgeous and our little honeymoon suite was no exception. We stayed in a little detached house, our own little private retreat. This was my first night away from Savannah so it was much needed but at the same time I missed her.IMG_5956IMG_5967Upon arrival, Caroline checked us in and showed us around the property. Tucked away on a beautiful tree filled property, we felt at home and very relaxed. I made sure to turn on the Keurig in our room and enjoy a coffee (toddler free!)IMG_5966IMG_5959IMG_5957IMG_5964IMG_5974We then headed out to downtown Cynthiana for dinner. We decided on Bianke’s, a historical little diner style restaurant that had been the staple there for 122 years. For you UK fans, we saw the mural of Joe B. Hall close to the restaurant.IMG_5985IMG_5983

Then we headed back to our room where we enjoyed our alone time. The room had a large master bath with a walk in shower, beautiful tiled floor, robes, and a large soaking tub. IMG_5958tub editbathIn the morning, we were greeted at the main house with a 2 course breakfast which included a strawberry parfait and apple cinnamon pancakes. We then walked around the property enjoying the historic and beautiful nature of the house. IMG_5987IMG_5988IMG_5989IMG_5990IMG_5992My favorite area in the house was this quaint little sitting area: Magnolia leaves adorning the fireplace, all the mason jars and books, and the big comfy chairs.IMG_5995IMG_5996IMG_5997And here we are right before checking out. My pregnant belly and all! I would highly recommend this B & B for a quiet, relaxing retreat. Not much else to do in Cynthiana but there are beautiful country roads getting there. And maybe next time we will try to do the ghost tours. And the creator of The Walking Dead is from Cynthiana too! Very SPOOKY!!! (That’s for you Brooke!)

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A letter to my husband on our 5 year anniversary

36530_10100846168957635_847935253_n(Above photo by Dolce Vita Photography)

Dear Dan,

It seems like just yesterday we were saying our I do’s and heading out for our honeymoon. We have come a long way with multiple moves, a new city, deployment, a beautiful baby girl and sweet baby boy on the way. It hasn’t always been easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.547619_10100846163129315_40045342_n59674_10100775689803425_581663631_nThe day to day makes it often hard to keep everything in perspective. Being pregnant and chasing a toddler is not the dream job, but somehow it suits me. And I couldn’t do it without you.

This letter is for you, about you. I see you.

I see you getting up every morning and changing our baby girl and laying her next to you so I can get some sleep.

I see you going to work everyday and staying late often so we can have ALL the stuff. And it is ALL the stuff. We have everything we need and more! We are very spoiled all because of you.

I see you not only going to work everyday, but working two jobs. I see you as a strong leader in the Army and how people look up to and admire you. So do I.

I see you going to all the places with us on your weekends off. To the mall, to breakfast, to baby stores, to the zoo, to the horse park, to family stuff. And you do it all without complaining. You do it with love and you make it look easy._MG_6754(Above photo by Amanda Hacker Photography)IMG_5463I see you driving me to the hospital on your Sunday off when we have a small scare so I am not alone. (although I thought I would be fine) I see you chasing our daughter so I can relax and get better.

I see you playing with Savannah. And the love you have for her. I see her face light up when she sees you._MG_6612(Above photo by Amanda Hacker Photography)
I see you confused when I cry for no reason. The support you have for me when I’m an emotional wreck means the world. Through pregnancy and I’m sure beyond. Your patience and understanding with me don’t go unnoticed.

I see you encouraging me. I want to be a better person because of you. I look up to you in so many ways. You are our ROCK. I will never be lonely with you by my side. We are a team and can do anything! (you are going to need this encouragement come March, ha)

I see you. All day every day. Even when I am asleep beside you. I notice. I notice you rocking Savannah. All so I can have a few more minutes. I notice all the things and am so appreciative for you and our marriage. As someone once told me during the newborn phase: This too shall pass. And it’s so true. This is tough. It is so tough. But so worth it. Every sleepless minute and day. Each day I get to call you mine and for forever. I love you and am so thankful for you and your sweet love for us.

To SO many more,


October 19, 2017


Getting ready for our second baby!

It has been about 13 weeks since my last post. Just in time for the first trimester feels to pass. But seriously, it is like a train hit you mixed with all the uncertainties of will I be sick or will I pass out from dizziness?? And then you have a lucky 12 hours of sleep and that’s still not enough! There is bound to be some side effects from growing a tiny human.  Now that I can think clearly I am getting some cleaning done and making preparations for our second baby, a sweet little boy!  Our kids will be about 22 months apart so I will have my hands full I’m sure. If you know me, you know I have been primarily thinking about decorating. Not only the sweet baby’s room, but we are moving Savannah’s room down the hall so the baby can be directly across the hall from us. Our current nursery has off white walls so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some pink paint for Savannah’s new room! And that leaves the perfect backdrop for sweet baby boy’s room. Got me over here feelin’ like Joanna!

Here is my inspiration for Savannah’s new room. The paint color is Sherwin Williams Intimate white. And our painter is here today so pictures will be coming soon!pure-country-nursery-0216
Image found via Country Living

We will be moving her existing furniture and decor into her new room but I couldn’t resist adding a few new things too. I found a vintage dinosaur poster at Street Scene, a local vintage store here in Lexington, Ky. The muted greens will look great against the blush wall color. And who says dinosaurs are just for boys?! I mean, Savannah can say “dactyl”, her favorite flying dinosaur.

Now for the baby’s nursery! Here are a few inspiration pictures. We haven’t decided yet since we literally found out Sunday we are having a boy plus the whole first trimester thing I mentioned earlier didn’t have me thinking about much.

LukeNewborns-2576Image courtesy of The Sweetest Thing Blog
I am swooning over these light blue curtains and accents. But I also love the below nursery. All the lush greens and nature themes while keeping it very simple and airy!
Image source here

Another idea I have floating around is incorporating scripture into his room. I absolutely adore this sweet blanket by Modern Burlap and I have to have it! It is perfect for the story of this little guy and how much of a blessing he is. God definitely had a plan for this little guy and knew we needed him this soon. I remember thinking when Savannah was born, “Is this real?” and “Why haven’t we met her sooner?”

blanketWe are also thinking of integrating sports into the design. LOVE these simple vintage baseballs. I’m sure I can find a mason jar laying around here somewhere (wink, wink).  And if you know Dan, we will have some UK and basketball stuff too. So stay tuned for more updates as we get the nursery finished.


Besides decorating, I have also started a new Amazon baby registry. Mainly so I don’t forget what I need to buy, but also for when family asks about gifts. This mama will not be able to keep all of this in her head! I already have my main needs but need a few new things since we will have 2 toddlers at once! Hello 2 cribs and 2 changing pads. Yikes!!! I have also heard really good things about the book, Simplicity Parenting, so I need to get my hands on this real soon! Have you read this?

The final thing I will mention in regards to preparing is exercise! I exercised throughout my pregnancy with Savannah and it made labor and delivery fairly easy! And this time around I have an amazing village of mamas that I didn’t even know existed until after Savannah arrived. The group is called Fit4Mom and we push our strollers while working out, running, and singing to our babies. This has been a true life saver for my sanity and postpartum recovery. And you can bet I will be continuing this journey throughout pregnancy and beyond!16835715_705232732991594_8958558124395901390_o
Image courtesy of Fit4Mom

What other things did you do in preparation for your second, third, or fourth baby?? I would love to hear your ideas. Please comment below! Thanks for reading!


Lexington Farmer’s Market at The Summit

When I heard the Lexington Farmer’s Market was coming to the Summit (a new shopping development VERY close to home) I was beyond excited! Every Wednesday it will be set up in the Summit at Fritz Farm on the corner of Nicholasville and Man O War. Yesterday was the kickoff event with live music, giveaways, and lots of different vendors selling everything from flowers to wine to tomatoes. I took Savannah and we really enjoyed our time there, despite the 90 degree heat! The market is held in the Whole Foods parking lot, so we went in to get AC several times! Savannah’s highlights of the market were eating the fresh blueberries, seeing all the doggies, and eating a cereal bar from the free kids section at Whole Foods. Hmm seeing a pattern there?? She must get it from her mama! And what a great way to share a weekly tradition with your kids teaching them about the importance of eating local, eating healthy, and growing your own veggies!DSC08364Here are the goodies we bought! Can’t go wrong with this local baked bread from Quarles Farm.DSC08341
Look at this cute free tote that was one of the giveaways to the first 100 customers! It was designed by a local artist. DSC08320DSC08319DSC08334DSC08331DSC08329
As soon as I saw these green tomatoes, I immediately wanted to make fried green tomatoes. Living in the south would not be complete without them! They turned out so good. Here is the recipe! DSC08377DSC08328
Apparently, Lexington Pasta provides for the Lexington Pasta Garage, another local spot we need to check out sometime!DSC08326DSC08325DSC08323DSC08321DSC08338Savannah really loved the local blueberries!DSC08350And that cereal bar, well you can clearly see she enjoyed that as well!DSC08349
And meeting up with friends and their cute babes was one of my favorite parts!DSC08346DSC08355
We will be heading back out next Wednesday! Who wants to join us??

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How to sleep train your baby

SLEEP! The magical word among moms and dads alike. When ‘they’ tell you sleep is nonexistent with a newborn, you can’t really imagine it until you are a new parent. But, what ‘they’ don’t tell you is that you will NEVER sleep! Between teething, cuddles, and whatever other things are keeping your baby awake, sleep is now a pure luxury. You get to the point where you just literally POP out of bed at the first cry and walk into the nursery with one eye glued shut. And just when you think you will get some sleep, your sleep schedule is so off that even 8 hours is still screaming, COFFEE and more COFFEE!!DSC07476Around 4-5 months I began researching sleep training and different methods. Before I tell you about the method we chose, this isn’t for everyone. Some parents don’t feel comfortable doing any sort of cry it out (CIO) method. I am just sharing what worked for our family. In no way do I think the CIO method was harmful or neglectful to my baby or we wouldn’t have used it. Moral of the story- do what works for your family! Savannah knows we love and care for her and not for a minute do I think she doubts that. We made sure she was comfortable, fed, had a clean diaper, and safe in her crib.

We chose to use the Ferber Method, or progressive sleep method. You put your baby down to sleep while still awake (but sleepy) and check on him/her in increasing intervals of time. After 2 nights, Savannah was sleeping all by herself! When you go into the room to check on baby, you don’t pick baby up, but just give baby pacifier or put your hand on them to soothe. This way they learn to soothe themselves and fall asleep. I read somewhere in the Ferber method research that the reasoning behind this is because babies don’t like falling asleep in one place and waking in another. For example, if you were to hold baby to fall asleep and then put them in crib, when they wake up they are in a totally different spot! I would advise reading the Ferber method book to dive deeper into the subject, and I didn’t necessarily do that but wish I had.

The first thing I would advise is to evaluate your baby’s current bedtime. We put her down to bed around 9 or 10pm when she was younger (newborn-4 months). Once we realized her bedtime should be around 7pm, she slept so much better! It sounds counterproductive, but it really does make for better sleep and gives me and my husband alone time at night to unwind.For the sleep training, we used the chart provided on this website. It lists the waiting times in between checking on your baby. The best advice I have when you are pulling your hair out listening to your baby cry is STAY BUSY! The first night I did yoga (bad choice since there is no relaxing involved). The second night I did a high intensity workout to blow off the steam and stress of listening to her cry! The first night took 45 minutes for her to go to sleep on her own and the second night was around 15-20 minutes. That’s it!! And now she goes to bed like clockwork every night at 7pm! We lay her down in her crib and she may let out a whimper or two, but she goes right to sleep. We pray this carries into her toddlerhood! The hardest part of the sleep training for us was listening to her cry.

We also did this method at the same time for naps. She is currently in the process of switching from two naps to one longer morning nap, around 2 hours. Same methods used, laying her down awake to fall asleep on her own. As a mother, you get used to knowing their sleep patterns and when they are ready to take a nap. IMG_9915Here’s some other helpful tools to have while sleep training:
Merlin sleepsuit
sound machine
sleep sacks
Fish tank for crib
Wubbanub Pacifier

By no means am I a sleep expert. In fact, last night she was up several times wanting to breastfeed for comfort as a new tooth came through. If you stay consistent and keep a bedtime routine, that has seemed to work the best for us. Also, I am still breastfeeding at 14 months, so it seems babies wake more throughout the night when breastfed. But her waking on average only once per night I will take! She typically sleeps from 7pm to 7:30 or 8 am with one or two wakings in between. I wasn’t consistent with the middle of the night wakings, being so tired. I could just give her the pacifier and she may learn to soothe herself back to sleep but I breastfeed. I guess its the easy way out! So this is just what has worked for us. But I would highly recommend it for others struggling with the bedtime routine!

Please post any questions you have in the comments. We are on this journey together!

Thanks for reading!

A day in the life of a ONE year old!

(Photo credit: Amanda Hacker Photography, Lexington KY)

I thought it would be fun to share a little about our day. Savannah just turned one (which is crazy) and our day is usually jam packed full of fun! Read about our derby themed birthday party. We have somewhat of a routine, as much as you can with a baby! And wouldn’t you know, I keep reading that she is a toddler. I say NO WAY to that. I will keep saying baby, because that is where she is in our hearts! So whether you are debating having a baby, have a one year old, or have older kids, this is just a little peek into an average day (and night schedule) for us!DSC07723DSC07184DSC071527-7:30am: Wake up, nurse, play for about 10 minutes in crib until she needs us!
8am: Eat breakfast (Mommy drinks LOTS of coffee)
8:30am: Play in playroom
9am: Get ready for Stroller Strides (exercise)
9:30 – 10:30am: Stroller Strides class
10:30 – 11:00am: Play after class with friends
11:30am: Get home, nurse, snuggles, take nap
12:30pm: Wake, eat lunch
1:00pm: Run errands or play
3:00pm: Nurse
3:30pm: Nap
5:00pm: Dinner, play, snuggles
6:00pm: Bath, books, snuggles, snack
7:00pm: Bed (we started the cry it out progressive method around 5 months, blog post coming soon!)
3:00am: Nurse, snuggles
5:00am: Nurse, snugglesDSC07485DSC07329DSC07543DSC07552The nighttime feedings are an average, some nights better than others. I am still nursing (at 13 months) and loving the bonding aspect of it. This schedule would probably be a little different for the night time if not nursing.
I think my favorite part of having a one year old is watching her grow and develop a little personality. I can just look at her cute little legs learning to walk and her little fingers grasp toys, figuring them out. She motivates me to be a better person and keeps a smile on my face. And my husband works so hard between two jobs caring for us girls. We couldn’t ask for a better daddy and husband and we are truly blessed having such a happy, healthy girl! With Father’s Day coming up, we can’t wait to celebrate him! I have heard this before, but you enjoy every stage of your children’s lives. Do I miss the tiny baby? Well, there are pros and cons to each stage in my opinion. And for now, we are living in the moment and loving every minute of it!DSC07504DSC07763Here are a few of my favorite things to have with a one year old:
Amazon Prime Subscription!(We get discounted diapers, wipes, dog food (because who wants to carry that through the grocery) and coffee!) And you get Amazon Prime music, which has been amazing for our dance parties and car rides!
A mom tribe (you know who you are!)
Jogging stroller16602888_700215693493298_8531602755831921329_n
Pouch sippy tops (to avoid pouch spills)
Ikea high chair (easy to clean and travel with)
COFFEE (wait, did I already say that??)
Roomba vacuum (even if you don’t have a cat, ha!) We decided to get a ROOMBA instead of gifts last year for Christmas. BEST DECISION EVER!

Do you have a one year old? Please share below some of your favorite things or moments!

Thanks for reading!
Kim & Savannah